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110 Hippie Names For Boys & Girls (Consists Of Definitions And Also Origin!).


110 Hippie Names For Boys & Girls (Consists Of Definitions And Also Origin!).

While hippies may be related to the 1960s era of extracurricular relations and peace, their concepts are still pertinent today. Weaver: (English) Indicating to weave”, this hippie name can be made use of for ladies or young boys. Arrow is a popular baby hippie names infant name (or, at least, it soon will certainly be) that quickly integrates with middle names as a result of the” sound at the end of it. 6) Bluebell (English origin) the name of the attractive blue blossom.

90) Sage (Latin origin) significance “wise” or “prophet”. Willow: (English) Implying a willow tree”, this name just screams hippie to me. 67) Wilder (English beginning) definition “untamed” or “wild pet”. Celebrity: (English) The definition of this name is star” and it can be utilized for both kids and also women.

Nonetheless, these bohemian, hippie child names are to die for. Natural child names for young boys need to be on your radar. Daisy: (English) This 70s child name implies days eye” however is better recognized for its reference to the blossom. Huckleberry was a preferred name with hippies in the 1960s and also can be reduced to the nickname, Huck.

Orion: (Greek) Meaning climbing in the sky”, I believe that anything managing nature and also outdoors is a great hippie name for an infant. Raven: (English) Suggesting raven”, this hippie name is also unisex. 46) Felix (Latin beginning) significance “satisfied” or “lucky”.

Suggesting totally free, this is an exceptional option if your trying to find hippie child names for your little boho infant. Rue: (Greek) This is most likely one of my extremely favorite woman names. 62) Pip (English beginning) means “lover of horses”. A best hippie infant name with a definition that supports it.

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