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Chris Churchill is an experienced criminal support lawyer based in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Areas of method: Personal Injury & Civil Lawsuits; Family Legislation; Mediation; Wills & Estates; Estate Litigation. If you have any inquiries regarding our criminal defence or civil legislation services, please call us at 604-243-2619 to speak with our civil or criminal legal representatives.

He also suggests customers in amusement and also sports law issues. Michael L. Warsh, Bachelor’s Degree MA LLB LLM, techniques largely in the area of family law – taking care of separation, custodianship, accessibility, maintenance and also arrangements.

As an appeals lawyer, his test experience permits him to believe virtually and say more persuasively. We here at Nona Regulation Office are positive, prepared and seasoned to action in and prepare a protection for any kind of criminal fee. Heath Law LLP is a full service law firm that opened in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in 1950.

Over the previous 25 years, Les has concentrated his solicitor’s method in Property law, Property Advancement, Wills, Estates as well as Estate Planning, Corporate as well as Commercial purchases. Health Legislation LLP flaunts high calibre and experienced lawful advise.

business & work lawyers, executive instructors, accountants aiding you establish your business. She likewise has experience in property matters, including realty expropriation, transportation as well as foreclosure. Zargarian Litigation practice areas include the courthouses of Nanaimo, Surrey, Vancouver, Smithers as well as Royal Prince Rupert.

Being billed with a criminal offence is serious, and also it is important to consult with a lawyer as early as possible while doing so. You require Criminal defence lawyer nanaimo a aggressive and seasoned attorney in your corner securing you. Whether you are seeking a good deal or a fearless criminal protection at trial or appeal, we have your back.

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, a slip and also fall or have received a personal injury or injuries via the oversight of another person anywhere in BC or Alberta, a MacIsaac Team lawyer can offer you the legal guidance you need, regardless of where you are.

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