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What’s Your HIPPIE Call?


What’s Your HIPPIE Call?

While hippies may be associated with the 1960s age of free love and peace, their suggestions are still relevant today. Also, hippie infant names are ones that accept the love, nature, as well as free-spirit that hippies hold in high regard. Bear: (English) This name indicates Hippie names for cats solid, take on bear” and also is nearly the prettiest hippie child name, ever. 20) Leofe (Old English beginning) significance “dear” or “beloved” and later on turns into the word ‘leaf’ we understand today.

16) Consistency (English beginning) a name definition “a music mix of chords”. Hippies enjoy intense shades so this name for young boys makes sense to me. Celeste: (Latin) Suggesting holy”, this name is a stunning bohemian infant name. 14) Significance (American origin) meaning “fragrance” and also describes the elements of thought, speech and also compound that make up an individual.

Haven is a beautiful infant woman name that suggests refuge” or haven”. Get motivated with these hippie baby names for young boys and girls. 2) Ambrosia (Greek beginning) significance “never-ceasing”. Such an ideal hippie child name for a boy. 65) Rock (Middle English beginning) came to be a preferred aggressive name after Rock Hudson and also it’s nature relations.

We have assembled a checklist of baby girl names, young boy names and also unisex names for all your groovy, nature-loving demands. 72) Bodhi (Indian origin) meaning “understanding of real nature”. 75) Echo (Greek beginning) it equates to “resounding sound” yet originates from Greek folklore in a story about the experience of unrequited love.

79) Love (English beginning) a name that implies “full of love”. 31) Serenity (English beginning) definition “peaceful disposition”. 98) Winter Season (Indigenous American beginning) definition “taking of revival”. A lively hippie baby name with bird and also nature associations that bohemian moms like.

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